Lund Central Station

  • Railway Göteborg -Lund
  • Railway between Malmö and Lund - Katrine Holm
  • Pågatåg


Lund Central Station Lund or C is the main station of the Swedish city of Lund and is located in the district Centrala staden. The station building is located about 100 m northwest of the Bantorget and the Grand Hotel.

The station was opened with the construction of Södra stambanan in the 1850s. Extensions were made from 1872 to 1875 and from 1923 to 1926 on the trail. Bullet train run X2000 SJ AB, among others to Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, which is operated by the transport company Öresundståg Oresund connection to Copenhagen in Denmark, Veolia Snälltåg Malmö -Stockholm or Åre and a night train to Stockholm. Moreover keeps Pågatåg, a kind of regional train, which operates within the south of Sweden.

The train station is approximately 25,000 passengers per day one of the busiest in the country. Between December 2008 and September 2009, he was rebuilt in the course of the renovation of the station in Malmö and the construction of City Tunnel in Malmö for SEK 100 million. Banverket, Skånetrafiken and the municipality of Lund shared the cost of the conversion in equal parts. The conversion saw, among other broader platforms, advanced displays and new elevators and escalators. At the same time the height of the platforms has been adapted to the features of the Öresundståg and to the new features of the Pågatåg.