Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski

Mathias Casimir Sarbiewski S. J. (Polish Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski, Latin Mathias Casimirus Sarbievius; born February 24, 1595 at Sarbiewo Płońsk in Mazovia, † April 2, 1640 in Warsaw ) was a Jesuit and Neo-Latin writers.

He studied from 1622 at the University of Vilnius, where he taught from 1627 rhetoric. After the Doctor of Philosophy ( 1632) he was from 1633 to 1635 dean of the University and in 1636 he earned his doctorate in theology. Known and recognized throughout Europe, he obtained with his in 1625 published in Cologne book " libri tres Lyricorum " (three books of poetry), which was translated into many languages ​​and its author called the " Horace of Christianity " earned. In addition, he had worked 1622-25 as chairman of a papal commission in Rome the favor of Pope Urban VIII, who honored him with a laurel wreath.