Mack Sennett

Mack Sennett, actually Michael Sinnott, ( born January 17, 1880 in Richmond, Quebec; † November 5, 1960 in Woodland Hills, California ) was an American film director and film producer.


Mack Sennett descended from Irish immigrants. In 1897 he settled with his parents in East Berlin, Conn.. down, where he worked as a factory worker.

In 1902, he met actress Marie Dressler know. They encouraged him in his desire for an artistic activity and put Sennett producer David Belasco in New York.

Sennett was one of the multi-talents of early film. There is hardly a task that he is not held during his career. He has worked as a singer, dancer, clown, actor, outfitters, and has performed alone with over 300 movies directed.

After his early work at the Biograph Company in 1912, he founded his own company, the Keystone Studios where films have been developed also the Mabel's Dramatic Career and Mabel, Fatty and the Law. In 1915, the Keystone studios were part of Triangle Films, which was founded by Sennett, DW Griffith and Thomas Ince.

Here he produced countless slapstick films and discovered many of the most famous comedians in Hollywood, including Mabel Normand, with whom he had a long affair, Charlie Chaplin, Ben Turpin, Fatty Arbuckle, Harold Lloyd, Gloria Swanson and many others.

At the age of 80 years, Mack Sennett died on 5 November 1960 in Woodlands Hills, California.

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