Mamertus ( † about 477 in Vienne, Gaul ) was a bishop and is revered as a saint in the Catholic Church. He introduced the Bittprozession before Ascension.


Mamertus came from a wealthy Gallo-Roman family from Lyon. He was 461 Archbishop of Vienne, where he also died.

During his tenure he commanded according to tradition, by praying a terrible conflagration stop that threatened to destroy the entire city, and to other miracles and healings have caused.

His brother was the theologian and writer Claudianus Mamertus ( Mamertus Claudianus ).

Representations in art

In art he is represented in the robes of a bishop, with a burning light at the foot of the cross. He is the patron of shepherds and the fire service and is invoked in times of drought, fever, and chest diseases.


His feast day is May 11 In Germany (mainly northern Germany ), he is considered one of the Ice Saints.