Man vs. Wild

Released into the wild, or even adventure Survival, Born Survivor: Bear Grylls, Man vs.. Wild or Ultimate Survival, is a survival documentary series, hosted by Bear Grylls. In Germany, the series of the television channel DMAX and Discovery Channel HD (October 2010) is broadcast. The series is produced by British television company Diverse Bristol. The first broadcast of the show was on 10 November 2006, after a pilot episode under the name The Rockies aired. There have already been aired eight seasons. In a special broadcast, which was first broadcast on 2 June 2009, Will Ferrell Grylls Survival accompanied to a company to northern Sweden. In 2011, Grylls was traveling in another special program with Jake Gyllenhaal in Iceland. In March 2012, the Discovery Channel ended his collaboration with Bear Grylls due to contract disputes. Since February 2013 Grylls works with Discovery Channel again on a new mission which include 6 episodes and is already showing emitted material with interviews.

Framework for action and production

The plot of each episode is that Bear Grylls is exposed in a different region in the wilderness. From then on, he must find his way back to civilization and build usually a place to sleep, even find food and withstand inhospitable weather. He presents methods that use local of the area and soldiers. Grylls says during the episode about the experiences of other people in the region.

The inclusion of a single episode takes about one week. Before each recording, the film crew prepares for a week and Grylls flies over the area. Subsequently, Grylls undergoes a two-day survival training. At the beginning of the episodes, a message is displayed that makes clear: Although Grylls presents, how to help themselves, he is accompanied by a camera crew, which can intervene in an emergency and notify other helpers. Some scenes are also asked to demonstrate specific hazards or survival methods.

Episode List


In the U.S., there was criticism that the programs give the impression of a real survival trip because the film crew Bear Grylls sometimes assisted in his buildings and stayed in hotels. The fact that Grylls is not alone on the road is, but. Due to the introductory note and other elements such as salutations to the cameraman apparently

In addition, the following scenes were posed:

  • Grylls himself stayed several times at the hotel rather than as in the show set in the wilderness. Among other things, this applied in the following circumstances to: Grylls pretended to be like Robinson Crusoe stranded on a deserted island, while he was on a Hawaiian island and stayed in a nearby hotel.
  • In the Sierra Nevada, he was allegedly subjected only with a bottle of water and a minimum of equipment of the wilderness, but spent several nights in an accommodation with TV and internet access.