DMAX (TV channel)

DMAX is a private television channel, which primarily aimed at male viewers reports, documentaries, real - life programs and lifestyle magazines exudes. But he is admitted as a full program and therefore radiates Monday to Friday at about 23:10 clock and 0:10 clock the two minute news program "The Day " from. The station will broadcast by satellite (Astra DVB -S), IPTV and cable TV and is about these distribution channels currently be received for 70 % of households. In addition, DMAX is the P2PTV programs Zattoo, Nello and Wilmaa (currently only available in Switzerland) broadcast. The terrestrial broadcasting via DVB -T was set in 2009, in the Munich area, the transmitter is but since September 2013 again received via DVB -T.


DMAX is the successor of the television XXP. In January 2006, the U.S. media company Discovery Communications had taken over 98% of XXP shares. The remaining two percent remained at the former principal shareholders dctp and mirror TV. On 1 September 2006 XXP went on in the new DMAX. The station name DMAX is no shortcut but an artificial name. The individual letters have no meaning.

Sold in 2007, the Spiegel TV GmbH and Alexander Kluge DCTP development company for TV - program their remaining shares of 1% on the Discovery Content Verwaltungs GmbH, so that the American Discovery Channel has recently assumed the DMAX completely.

Since 8 January 2008, an English version of DMAX is marketed in the pay- TV packages from Sky Digital and Virgin Media in the UK and Ireland. In this timely DMAX 1, DMAX 1.5 create and DMAX 2 that broadcast the main program at different times. Since February 2010, the sender can be received no longer MonA TV. In contrast to the German version of the English channels DMAX is aimed at a female audience.

DMAX sends in a new design since 29 February 2012. Now in the trailers at the beginning and at the end you can see a DMAX 3D logo. Since May 1, 2012 DMAX HD will be on the basic platform encrypted HD SES Astra, but only 1 August 2012 was broadcast in native HD. Since January 15, 2013 DMAX HD broadcasts in the modernized networks of Unity Media.

Since September 2, 2013, 07:00 clock, DMAX is to be received again via DVB- T from the transmitter Olympic Tower in Munich and surroundings.

Market shares

2006: 0.4 %; 2007: 0.5%; 2008: 0.6 %; 2009: 0.7 %; 2010: 0.7 %; 2011: 0.7 %; 2012: 0.7 %; 2013: 0.8 %


The station describes itself as " Factual ( facts ) Entertainment Channel for Men", in Germany as the "first Factual entertainment channel for men in the German Free TV " with the slogan: "Television for the greatest people in the world: men ". He shows in his program documentation, real-life formats and lifestyle magazines that are specifically tailored to a male audience. The themes of adventure and discovery, engine and technology, technology, dangerous job, or go to stand in the foreground.

The station gained a certain notoriety by its own production of the docu-soap The Ludolfs - 4 Brothers Scrapyard (2006-2010) with a market share of 1.1% of the total audience. Since 16 May 2011, the internationally successful car show Top Gear also runs on DMAX.

Print magazine

To expand and brand positioning DMAX published the Munich station since April 24, 2013 as a print medium, the DMAX magazine. The book is laid out with a monthly circulation of 100,000 copies on the WEKA Media Publishing GmbH. Topics range from adventure, lifestyle and technology topics to the most extraordinary stories and insider tips. Main target group are men aged between 18 and 49 years.

DMAX Online Store

The TV station has been operating the June 7, 2013 under the name DMAX Store an online mail order business. The range includes, inter alia, in the areas of outdoor products, home and motor. In addition, DMAX Memorabilia are available.