Kanal 9

Channel 9 is an ad -funded private TV channel from Sweden, which today belongs to Discovery Communications. The station was launched on 25 February 2007 and sends its signal from England.

The program consists of sports coverage, documentaries, series and movies and is aimed at the target group of 30 - to 59 -year-olds, which is slightly above the age group of sister station Channel 5.

9 makes use of the frequency channel that was previously occupied by ONE Television. Part of the license was that " news from the European Union and broadcasts on various European channels " had to be part of the program. On ONE ran various French and German programs, as well as the newscast European Journal, to match the clause. This led to a controversy when SBS stated that Channel 9 News will have in the program and thus may hurt the license.


  • Spin City
  • Diagnosis: Murder
  • Edel & Starck
  • Monk
  • Primeval - Return of the prehistoric monsters
  • The Office