TVNorge (abbreviation TVN ) is a Norwegian television channel. The channel started its operation on 5 December 1988 and was the first advertisement -funded television station in Norway. The founders of TVNorge were Hallvard Flatland, Ola Grønvold, Erik Rynning and Ola Steinsrud.

In 1997, TV 2 bought 49.33 % of the shares of TVNorge, the shares sold in 2004 but at the Discovery Communications today to belong to Luxembourg media group SBS Broadcasting Group.

TVNorge has 75 employees and about 88.9 % of Norwegians can receive the channel. By Number of spectators TVNorge Norway is the third largest television station. The transmitter is content mostly directed at children and adolescents in the daily program. The largest proportion of programs broadcast has been produced in the United States.