Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications, LLC

Discovery Communications Inc. is an American global media and entertainment company, was founded in 1985 in the United States by John Hendricks as single transmitter Discovery Channel. The German stations are operated by Discovery Communications Germany GmbH in Munich.

Discovery Communications is a subsidiary group of Discovery Holding Company, formerly part of Liberty Global ( the largest cable operator outside the U.S.). The CEO and Chairman of Discovery Holding Company, John C. Malone, is also Chairman of Liberty Global.

Stations in Germany

Animal Planet

First broadcast in Germany was in April 2004, it sent German and international productions. The program is organized by the Discovery Communications Germany GmbH, based in Munich. Program co-operations exist with mirror TV and the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC). Until 30 June 2009, Animal Planet aired as part of the program bouquets of Premiere via digital satellite and cable. As a replacement for Sky Germany as Premiere has been called since July 2009, the station has been replaced by the new animal station National Geographic Wild. Instead, the sender is since 1 July 2009 on the cable network operator Unity Media, to receive as of September 1, 2010, Kabel BW and since March 8, 2010 via the IPTV platform Entertain Telekom Deutsche Telekom.

Discovery Channel Germany

Since 27 August 1996, the Discovery Channel is in Germany on the air. First on the TV platform of DF1. Following the merger of DF1 with Premiere to Premiere World in 1999, the channel remained in the program offer includes and sends up today. The station currently has over two million subscribers in Germany. In addition to the TV for the Discovery Channel since July 1995, present on the Internet since July 28, 1996 in German language. Until the bankruptcy of Kirch Media and Kirch PayTV in the spring of 2002, the Discovery Channel, a joint venture of Discovery Communications, Inc. and the Kirch PayTV was, both companies held 50 percent of the shares in the German Discovery Network. Since 2003, the Discovery Channel is again wholly owned by Discovery Communications Germany. Company headquarters are in Munich. The broadcasting of German Discovery Channel is carried by the APS playout center in Unterföhring. Establishments, the Discovery Channel in Germany by the Discovery Communications Germany GmbH in Munich. Discovery Channel is working with several other companies, such as the ZDF or the Discovery Channel IMAX Berlin. Every month there is on Discovery Channel 30 premieres. In addition, Discovery Channel hosted monthly at least a theme week, or a themed weekend. There, the transmitter is concerned in a larger extent with a special theme. Most of broadcasts do not last longer than 55 minutes. On 9 July 2010, the Discovery Channel has now changed its program to 16:9.

Discovery HD

Discovery HD is designed as a 24 - hour German -language program, which radiates with its program Discovery productions in high definition picture quality and digital sound. Program organizer of the channel is the Discovery Communications Germany GmbH, which has, among other things, the broadcasting licenses of other pay-TV channels. As part of the introduction of high definition digital television by the end of 2005 Premiere Fernsehen GmbH & Co.KG, Munich Discovery HD is widespread in Germany. The program of high-definition channel, Discovery HD is composed of many individual genres. The thematic mapping of individual consignments to a basic program scheme is not possible with this channel. Of content, the program deals with various documentations of the various areas. Overall, the station has broadcast material of the areas nature, animals, travel and adventure, science and technology, history, contemporary history, to lifestyle and reports.



DMAX is a private television channel, which primarily aimed at male viewers reports, documentaries, real - life programs and lifestyle magazines exudes. The station will broadcast on satellite and cable TV and is about these distribution channels currently be received for 70 % of households. In addition DMAX (currently only in Switzerland ) and has the P2PTV programs Zattoo and Wilmaa. The terrestrial broadcasting via DVB- T was discontinued in 2009. DMAX is the successor of the television XXP. In January 2006, the U.S. media company Discovery Communications had taken over 98% of XXP shares. The remaining two percent remained at the former principal shareholders dctp and mirror TV. On 1 September 2006 XXP went on in the new DMAX. 2007 sold the Spiegel TV GmbH and Alexander Kluge DCTP development company for TV - program their remaining shares of 1% on the Discovery Content Verwaltungs GmbH, so that the American Discovery Channel has recently assumed the DMAX completely. The station describes itself as " Factual ( facts ) Entertainment Channel for Men", in Germany as the "first Factual entertainment channel for men in the German Free TV " with the slogan: "Television for the greatest people in the world: men ". He shows in his program documentation, real-life formats and lifestyle magazines that are specifically tailored to a male audience. The themes of adventure and discovery, engine and technology, technology, dangerous job, or go to stand in the foreground.


See: TLC Germany

TLC is a private television channel, which primarily aimed at female viewers with non-fiction entertainment. The transmitter is spread from 10 April via satellite and cable television. A HD offshoot there under the fee- HD offer from 16 April 2014.