SanDisk Corporation ( SD) is a multinational company based in Milpitas, California, until 30 May 2006, had its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. It mainly deals with development and production of flash memory cards. Since 2009, the company is focused largely fabless.


The company was founded in 1988 by Eli Harari and Sanjay Mehrotra Jack Yuan under the name SunDisk and has been listed since November 1995 under the new name in the NASDAQ SanDisk part of the NASDAQ - 100 index. According to the company, is the world's largest supplier of flash memory, the company's sales in 2006 amounted to about 3.3 billion in 2007 and approximately 3.9 billion U.S. dollars. SanDisk employs more than 3000 employees worldwide, the patent pool includes over 860 U.S. patents and 550 in other countries.

In 2006, the SanDisk competitor M-Systems.


SanDisk produces mainly storage media. Other products include memory card readers, MP3 players and accessories for its products.

Storage media

The main products of the company are memory cards and USB flash drives. The company produces both expensive high- and in low-cost low-end range. The company plans to expand development and production of solid- state drive media.

MP3 player

The series of MP3 players from SanDisk Sansa is called. These devices are aligned on the iPods of Apple competitor, but these are characterized with respect to, for example, by radio, a microSD expandability and FLAC-/Ogg-Vorbis-Unterstützung from. SanDisk knew former player with a proprietary device interface for accessories such as docking stations, external hi- fi systems and the like. Is located on the current models ( Sansa Clip Zip and Fuze ) a standard micro-USB connector.

Models of Sansa series:

  • Sansa c200
  • Sansa Clip, Clip , Clip Zip
  • Sansa Connect
  • Sansa e100
  • Sansa e200
  • Sansa Express
  • Sansa Fuze, Fuze
  • Sansa Shaker
  • Sansa TakeTV
  • Sansa View