Liberty Media


  • John Malone (Chairman)
  • Gregory B. Maffei President & CEO

The Liberty Media Corporation is an American media company, which is majority owned by John Malone. It holds interests in television stations, newspapers and movie studios. The company is traded in the form of four tracking stock in the stock market, which is the share of the business unit to the Liberty Interactive Group ( LINTA ) Member of the Nasdaq -100.

The corporation is divided into three business units:

  • Liberty Interactive group QVC, Inc.
  • Provide Commerce
  • IAC / InterActiveCorp
  • Expedia Inc.
  • Liberty Starz group Starz Entertainment
  • Starz Media, LLC
  • Liberty Capital group Atlanta National League Baseball Club Inc.
  • True Position Inc.
  • SIRIUS XM Radio Inc.
  • Time Warner Inc. (minority interests)
  • Live Nation (minority interests)


After Liberty Media in 1991 began trading on the stock market, there was a series of mergers, including with the Tele-Communications International Inc. Following the merger with AT & T in 1999 Liberty Media was initially for tracking stock and again in 2001 as an independent company from AT & T cleaved. Then came 2003, the merger with Ascent Media Group, Inc. and Liberty Satellite & Technology, Inc. 2004, the spin-off of Liberty Media International (now Liberty Global) and 2005 of the Discovery Holding Company, an indirect owner of the Discovery Channel.