DirecTV is an American television satellite operators and content provider with headquarters in El Segundo. It is the largest pay-TV provider in the world. DirecTV is owned by DirecTV Group, which in turn is maintained by Liberty Media and is in competition with DISH Network and local cable operators. The offer was launched in 1994.


Stanley S. Hubbard founded 1981, the United States Satellite Broadcasting ( USSB ) and was a leading proponent of direct television broadcasting via satellite in the U.S.. The USSB was awarded by the FCC five frequencies on the coveted satellite position 101 ° West. Hughes Communications, a subsidiary of GM Hughes Electronics, received another 27 frequencies to 101 ° West. After Hughes was among the first attempts to offer such a service, failed, they founded DirecTV and agreed together with USSB to build the first TV satellite system. Hughes / DirecTV then turned to Thomson Consumer Electronics (under the RCA brand ) because of the development of a satellite receiver up to 175 channels, which should make do with a 50 - cm antenna. Hughes was awarded the contract for the construction and launch of the new high-performance satellites and USSB and DirecTV agreed that the new satellites should transmit two separate software packages: the of USSB and DirecTV. In 1994, the regular operation of the satellite was taken. 1998 DirecTV acquired USSB then for 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, in 1999 the provider PrimeStar and then some from Hughes Electronics. In September 2007, the first HD channels were on, and now DirecTV has about 20 million subscribers (as of 2008 ).


In the U.S. and Canada, based in 2010 a total of 19.433 million households their programs on DirecTV. In Latin America, DirecTV points to 6.707 million users. DirecTV belong there, the subsidiaries Sky Brazil ( 93 percent) and PanAmericana (100 %) and holds a 41 percent stake in Sky Mexico.


The company operates among others, the satellites: