Mark Spencer (computer engineer)

Mark A. Spencer ( born April 8, 1977 in Alabama) is an American computer engineer.

Spencer was the son of two professors at the Auburn University - born in Alabama - his father teaches educational sciences, his Egyptian- French mother. His first steps as a software developer date back to the high school days when he wrote a program for pocket money of five dollars for his teacher for grading of students.

After he had made ​​in 1995 at Auburn High School, the High School Diploma with distinction, Spencer studied at Auburn University computer science ( degree in 1999 as a bachelor ). During his studies he founded his company in 1999 Digium, which was then called Linux Support Services. The company, whose managing director, he is still, manufactures VoIP - based hardware and software solutions.

Spencer is the original author of several open source computer programs such as:

  • Instant Messenger Gaim (now Pidgin )
  • L2tpdm, program for implementing the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  • PBX software Asterisk

He has developed the VoIP protocol IAX.

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