Marovoay is a city in northwestern Madagascar. It is located in the region Boeny on the lower reaches of the river Betsiboka.

The city is not far from the provincial capital of Mahajanga and accessible from there by road or by boat.

The city's population belongs to the ethnic group of the Sakalava. The population was 1975 20.253 1993 20.910 and people. Today is expected to approximately 32,000 residents.

Marovoay was from 1690 to 1745 the capital of the Sakalavareichs Boina. 1824 conquered by the Merina the place. But in 1840, replaced the French, the Merina as masters of the city. Thus, the city was 120 years of French colonial possession.

The city's name means place where there are lots of crocodiles.

Marovoay is located 41 km from the National Park Ankarafantsika.

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