Matchless Silver Hawk

The Matchless Silver Hawk is a motorcycle of the British manufacturer Matchless, which was presented in November 1930 on the Olympia Motor Show in London for the first time. As a special feature, it has an air-cooled V- four cylinder, four- stroke engine.

The engine was developed by Bert and Harry Collier. The engine with an output of 26 hp has a displacement of 592 cm ³ and a cylinder angle of 18 degrees. The engine was a development of the twin-cylinder engine from the Matchless Silver Arrow. The crankshaft is supported in triplicate. The four pistons run in a cylinder block. The engine has an overhead cam shaft which is driven by a vertical shaft. The camshaft actuates the valves via rocker arms. In each case, the front and rear cylinder discharging the exhaust gases into a common, heavily ribbed collector. The manifolds come together behind the engine; the exhaust gases flow through a common silencer. The motor is powered by a dry sump lubrication with oil.

The four-speed transmission comes from Sturmey - Archer, and is switched by hand. In the last model year there was also a foot switch for an additional charge. The secondary drive is via a current in a closed chain case chain is tensioned by a spring loaded chain tensioner.

Another special feature at that time is the rear suspension with a central spring and damping element and the integral braking system in which the foot brake lever operates the front brake simultaneously.

Due to the global economic crisis the motorcycle did not meet with commercial success. The production was therefore set in 1935 after only 546 units produced again.


  • Power: 26 hp
  • Displacement: 592 cm ³
  • Bore: 50.8 mm
  • Stroke: 73 mm
  • Weight: 172 kg
  • Wheelbase: 1422 mm
  • Maximum speed: 122 km / h


  • Restoration project, see photo
  • Motorcycle model