Matthew of Edessa

Matthew of Edessa (Armenian Մատթէոս Ուռհայեցի - Matevos Urhayetsi, † 1140 ) was an Orthodox monk of Edessa ( Urhay ) and an Armenian chronicler.

He had enjoyed after his own testimony, no higher education, and even with the necessary national enthusiasm can be text only be described as "average" ( Dostourian ). The chronicle describes in three parts the events of the years 952-1136, sources are mostly unknown. It was continued by the priest Gregory, perhaps a student of Matthias by the year 1162. Matthias probably died 1136-1144.


The oldest surviving manuscripts of his history from the late 16th century. Manuscripts exist in:

  • British Museum, London
  • Bibliothèque Nationale Paris (3 manuscripts )
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Library of Mechitaristischen brothers in Vienna
  • Library of Mechitaristischen brothers in Venice
  • Armenian Hospice in Rome
  • Library of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  • Library of the Patriarchate of Echmiadzin ( Vałaršapat ), then in the library of Matandaran in the People's Republic of Armenia


  • Jerusalem manuscript, based on the translation Edouard Dulauriers ( 1850)
  • Echmiadzin text, based on a neuarmenische translation (1898 and 1973 )
  • A Turkish translation appeared in 1962 in Ankara


  • Stefan Leder (ed. ): Enemies - strangers - friends. The Crusaders of oriental view ( = Orient Notebooks 19/2005 ), Centre for Oriental Studies of Halle- Wittenberg 2005, pp. 11-21
  • Orthodox monk
  • Historian of the Middle Ages
  • Chronicler of the Crusades
  • Armenian
  • Born in the 11th or 12th century
  • Died in the 12th century
  • Man