Max Keiser

Timothy Maxwell Keiser ( born January 23, 1960 in New Rochelle, NY) is an American journalist and writer.

Life and work

Max Keiser grew up in the affluent neighborhood of New York Westchester County. As a young man he heard punk and Rapbands on the CBGB Festival. He studied theater at New York University, where he among other things, Alec Baldwin met. He worked as a stand- up comedian, worked as a street magician on Broadway and as a radio presenter. With a part-time job at the stock broker Paine Webber began his career on Wall Street. He then worked on several stock exchanges as a broker. Together with Michael Raymond Burns, he founded the Hollywood Stock Exchange Holdings, whose multiplayer online game made ​​it possible to bet on box office hits. Keiser sold his shares to the heyday of the dot-com bubble.

Keiser became known to the public through the show, The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News. He works as a presenter for the TV station Russia Today, Al Jazeera English and published in The Huffington Post. He is the inventor and owner of U.S. patents that describe a computerized trading system for derivatives, which reduces the volatility of smaller markets.


Keiser et al operates several websites, of the merits of it as a Distributor of commissions from gold purchases of its readers. He is also the founder of, the Hollywood Stock Exchange, now a sub- company of the investment company Cantor Fitzgerald. With the website Keiser developed another derivatives system that recommends short positions; Investors should be able to generate such profits from NGO boycotts against large companies (eg Coca -Cola ). With Keiser has an Internet site that will allow investments in small movie productions. Keiser London - risk investment company Heisenberg Capital Ltd.. (founded in 2007), among others, invested in BitPay, a Bitcoin intermediary.


Keiser is a critic of the global financial system. The financial crisis starting in 2007 would lead to an erosion of the world power of the United States. In Germany the thesis caused a stir that Germany would plan a euro exit and next to China is the economic powerhouse of the future. Keiser also believes that the U.S. dollar in 2018 losing its position as a world currency at the latest. He also is a critic of Goldman Sachs Keiser launched various campaigns, with whom he would like to have an influence on the global financial system.

Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan

During the Great Depression, he launched among others Campaign Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan ( German: buying silver, exaggerating the JP Morgan bank into bankruptcy ). Keiser has started to also do a Google bomb on the Alex Jones show. Then it won the Marketeer Troy James Viral campaign for an Internet auction house for silver. Max Keiser's face and campaign was marked on silver coins. The demand for these coins Keiser was not served any problems, the founders of therefore gave from business operations to the originators marketing company Catalyst X Media and Black Creek Media.