Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English is an English-language news channel which commenced broadcasting on 15 November 2006. As the Arabic-language sister channel Al Jazeera he is headquartered in Doha, Qatar, with additional offices in London, Washington, DC and Kuala Lumpur.


Al Jazeera English broadcasts 24 hours a predominantly news and articles on current issues. The focus is directed specifically to events in countries of the global south, mainly from Arab countries and the Middle East. The transmitter is a supplement or alternative to international news channels, the report mainly from the global north. In recent years, Al Jazeera has several partly famous Personalities and Journalists poach from other channels such as CNN, BBC and ABC, and even the likes of David Frost commit. The former spokesman for the U.S. forces in Iraq War in 2003, Josh Rushing, is part of the team since 2005. In addition to English-speaking presenters are just as many international reporters in service, which are often located in the reported countries. Often, articles and reports of the sender of the Western media are cited and referred to as an information source. Al Jazeera has been awarded from various places great importance in the protests in the Arab world since 2010 and was awarded a 2012 Peabody Award for his coverage of the Arab Spring. Hillary Clinton said in this context, it would have seemed so, that Al Jazeera right around the clock news broadcast rather than just millions of commercials.


In Central Europe, Al Jazeera English is the easiest to receive the following satellites:

  • Astra 19.2 ° East 11509 MHz, vertical, symbol rate: 22000 Msym / s, FEC: 5/6
  • Astra / Euro Bird 1 at 28.2 ° East 11681 MHz, vertical, symbol rate: 27500 Msym / s, FEC: 2/3
  • Hotbird at 13.0 ° East 11034 MHz, vertical, symbol rate: 27500 Msym / s, FEC: 3/4

At 28.2 ° East a functional EPG is different than on the other positions aired, but as usual on the position only with the current and next program in the usual DVB- EPG standard. More information can not be received with commercial receivers but only by means of OpenTV.

In the cable network cable Germany the transmitter is located on channel S37, 434 MHz, Symbol Rate: 6900 Msym / s, modulation 256QAM. In the Network of Unity Media, the transmitter is only found in modernized networks on K29.

On the internet site of the transmitter, a live stream is available. Al Jazeera English is also to be received on the YouTube channel of Al Jazeera English. In addition, you can see the transmitter in Austria via the mobile operator Three free live. The transmitter released its programs and short messages on YouTube, where they are free to view.

Unlike the Arabic Al Jazeera Al Jazeera English is not broadcast in HD.