Mayday (music festival)

Mayday is an event of electronic dance music that takes place annually in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. It shall apply with 20,000 to 25,000 visitors per year as the largest indoor rave in Germany.


The first Mayday took place on 14 December 1991 in Hall Weissensee in Berlin. With the event they wanted to support the standing by the turning on the brink of radio stations DT64, in which Marusha aired a weekly program. The name Mayday is derived from the international distress signal in radio. The idea for the party came from Fabian Lenz ( DJ Dick) and quickly found support from his brother Maximilian ( WestBam ) and the scene - magazine FrontPage. The radio station was, however, redeemed despite the success of the event in the Berlin- Brandenburg within half a year from the new ORB youth radio station Rock Radio B. Since the event was accepted very successful with approximately 5,000 visitors, it was decided, on 30 April 1992 again a Mayday celebration, this time at the ice rink in Cologne. The Mayday was so from 1992 to 1996 twice a year instead - again on April 30 and again between late November and mid-December. In 1993 was celebrated the May Mayday for the first time in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. The Winter Mayday remained first in Berlin and was also once held in Frankfurt am Main. Starting in 1997, they gave the Winter Mayday on, for which one of a new hall had to search every year, and focused entirely on the May Mayday in Westfalenhalle.

DJ Westbam, who had participated in the world since the first event in all 60 Mayday Events, announced in February 2014 due to irreconcilable differences with the OC i-Motion announced his departure. Thus the hymns of the events are no longer as hitherto produced by the Members of Mayday. Its successor is the project The Mayday Masters.


1994 was the Winter Mayday under the motto "The Raving Society " by popular demand at two consecutive evenings with the same line-up of DJs as so-called "Twin - Mayday" instead. No cards were namely for the original planned event on November 26, before the publication of the advertisement was expired. Therefore, a second meeting was scheduled with the same line-up the day before. What the makers appeared to be a great idea to help as many fans to a Mayday visit and to obtain maximum revenue from the event out, came on the scene to great criticism from " sell " and " rip-off " was the speech and the reputation of Mayday - until then flagship Rave - suffered long term. Another criticism of the " Raving Society ": the CD compilation for the event provided with only 17 songs on two CDs a relatively poor value for money - on the predecessor "Rave Olympia" received the purchaser or 23 songs on offer. The "Twin - Mayday" therefore remained a unique experiment.

Since 2000, the Mayday is trying to export to other countries. There now exist regular Mayday raves in Poland, Russia and Hungary; additional locations are planned.

2011 celebrated the Mayday her twentieth birthday under the theme " Twenty Young". The special was that there was a fifth floor, the "Twenty Young Dome" was, at the occurred exclusively DJs from the early years. Furthermore, it was used there no modern event technology, but also from the early years. In addition, a new visitor record was set with 27,000 visitors.


Each year the Mayday is a different theme instead: