The truck models MAZ-7912/MAZ-7917 (Russian МАЗ-7912/МАЗ-7917 ) were developed as a heavy truck types ( 14 × 12) from the Belarusian vehicle manufacturers Minski Awtomobilny Sawod and are used to transport and as a mobile missile launchers of intercontinental ballistic missile RS -12M Topol (SS -25 Sickle ) is used.


The development of the MAZ - 7912 began in the 1970s. The vehicle model was designed as a mobile missile launch pad for intercontinental ballistic missile RS -12M Topol. Essentially, fell back in the design of the truck model MAZ -547, which served as a mobile launch pad for the medium-range missile system RT -21M (SS -20 Saber ). The main difference was that the MAZ - 7912 had a pair of axes more, but this was not driven. The drive formula of the truck is 14 × 12 Each of the seven axes is steered individually. The ICBM is located in a rocket launch canister that has a length of 22 meters and a diameter of two meters and is therefore longer than the truck itself. Consequently, a part of the canister protrudes forward of the vehicle. In addition, the MAZ - 7912 has four hydraulically extendable outriggers to be extended before the start of the missile to give stability to the vehicle. Mid -1980s, the MAZ - 7912 has been modernized. This model variant was designated MAZ - 7917th Externally noticeable is the increased vehicle length has increased by about a meter to a total length of 18.4 meters. Moreover, it is in the cab to a similar like the MAZ - 7916th

The successor system Topol - M is based on a MZKT - 79221 truck with eight axes (16 × 16).

Technical data of the MAZ - 7912 and MAZ - 7917 of the

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