MCA is an abbreviation for:

  • Malaysian Chinese Association, a political party in Malaysia
  • Master of Customs Administration, see list of academic degrees ( Germany ) # Non-consecutive and advanced master's degrees
  • MCA Airlines, was a Swedish airline by the ICAO code
  • Media City Leipzig, a complex of buildings in the film industry
  • Medicines Control Agency, the former medical supervision authority of Great Britain
  • Metabolic Control Analysis, a method of calculation of analytical chemistry
  • Methylcyanacrylat, a chemical compound, see Figure 2 - Cyanacrylsäuremethylester
  • Micro Channel Architecture, proprietary bus system from IBM
  • Middle cerebral artery, one of the three main arterial vessels of the brain, see middle cerebral artery
  • Military Commissions Act, a U.S. law from 2006
  • Millennium Challenge Account, American development aid funds
  • Mucochloric acid, a chemical compound for the preparation of pesticides
  • Multi Criteria Analysis, a class of complex decision-making process
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago ), a 1967 founded the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
  • Music Corporation of America, a former record company

MCA is the pseudonym of:

M.C.A. stands for:

  • MCA, a former German manufacturer of automobiles
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