Medinet Maadi

Medinet Madi is an Egyptian locality in south-western Fayum. During the reigns of Amenemhat III. and Amenemhet IV - between 1853-1797 BC - there is a temple of the snake-like goddess Renenutet was built. The sanctuary was built in the Greco- Roman period and enriched.


The inner part of the temple complex of dark sandstone consisted of a narrow, indented with Papyrus columned hall that led to the actual sanctuary. This included three chapels, who recovered statues of different deities. In the central chapel was a larger than life statue of Renenutet, accompanied by statues of Amenemhet III. and his successor Amenemhet IV to their pages. The tags Ptolemaic period included a paved processional way that led to a columned portico with pre-aged by a achtsäuligen newsstands.

The in the 1930s by archaeologists from the University of Milan excavated temple is - probably because of his very secluded location - exceptionally well preserved.

Ruins of Terenouthis

In the ruins of Terenouthis, near Medinat Madi, the late 1920s have been found during an illegal excavation seven Coptic Manichaean codices, which are known as Manichaean library of Medinet Madi today.