Meghan Ory

Meghan Ory ( born August 20, 1982 in Victoria, British Columbia) is a Canadian actress.

Life and career

Meghan Ory was in August 1982 in the Canadian Victoria, the capital of the province of British Columbia, born. They first visited the Royal Oak Middle School and then moved to Claremont Secondary School. After the Fine Arts Award for Acting received at the Royal Oak in 1996, she decided on an acting career. Her acting debut was in 1999 in the TV movie The Darklings on the side of Suzanne Somers and Timothy Busfield. After a guest appearance in The Crow - The Series (1999 ) was followed in 2000 with the role of Juliette Waybourne in the youth series Higher Ground their first series starring role. From 2001 to 2002 she took over in addition to a guest role in my family - really embarrassing another major role in the fantasy - horror series Vampire High. In the following two years, she was among others in the genre -like television series Dark Angel, Glory Days (both 2002), and Smallville (2004) to see. During this time she also played a small supporting role in the ABC Family television movie Lucky 7 - Lucky Seven alongside Patrick Dempsey and Kimberly Williams - Paisley and a starring role in the science fiction film Decoys as Corey Seviers girlfriend. With the director, Matthew Hastings, she had worked at Higher Ground and Vampire High.

After another television appearances in Life as We Know It (2004) and South Beach (2006 ) took Ory in Merlin - sequel movie Merlin 2 - The Apprentice, the role of Brianna posing as a man to kill Jack ( John Reardon ). This was followed by small roles in John Tucker Must Die (2006) and Painkiller Jane (2007), as well as leading roles in Blond and blonder next Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards, in the television film The Haunting of Sorority Row (both 2007) and the horror movie Dark House (2009) alongside Leighton Meester. Other guest roles they had in Flash Gordon ( 2008), Knight Rider, Sanctuary - Keeper of the creatures (both 2009) and Psych (2010). Furthermore, she played in 2011 in the first season of the action series True Justice by and starring Steven Seagal, the main role of Juliet Sanders.

With their dual role as Red and Ruby on the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time - Once upon a time ... she was also known internationally. In the series, she initially played a minor character and was promoted to the beginning of the second season for the leading lady. For the third season it is, however, not be returning as the lead actress since she was casted in March 2013 for the CBS series Intelligence. In the series, which in January 2014 at the sender had its premiere, she stars alongside Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger starred Riley Neal.

Since 2008, Meghan Ory is married to actor John Reardon, which they used to filming Merlin 2 - met The Apprentice.

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