Mego (label)

Mego, rebooted 2006 editions mego, is a label for experimental, mostly electronic music and was founded in 1995. The label is based in Vienna, and briefly had a representation in Berlin.


Mego was founded in 1994 and was inspired by the fast and the international strategy of techno and rave scene, which included all three at the time. The first release was a maxi own founder as " General Magic & Pita ," the Fridge Trax EP, which used only the sounds of refrigerators. The plate was a small success, as well as the directly following Maxi The moon landing, which was based on the original transmission of the Moon landing in 1969.

Among the Viennese musicians had spread that it comes with Mego now would be a label for experimental electronic music in the city and a portfolio stood a: published within a short period of publications Base Vienna 12, DJ DSL, Sluta Leta, but also by Fennesz and Farmers Manual, the latter two acts that were long the label closely.

In the period from 1995 to 2005 Mego brought it to around 75 publications before the label in June 2005 fell apart. A clothing label editions mego, which continued the old catalog numbering, was launched in 2006. Editions Mego ensured that old publications blienben available as well as new publications have been made possible.

Mego artists were Fennesz (see Endless Summer ), Merzbow, Jim O'Rourke, Radian, Farmers Manual, Stephen O'Malley and Russell Haswell or CDL. As a sub-label temporarily existed the Netlabel " false ", appeared on the more than 60 other works by Mego artists, but also other musicians as Сон, Merzbow Kim Cascone or.


In 1999, the label itself and in 2003 one of his publications, a Prix Ars Electronica award in the category " digital music ". The magazine The Wire designated Mego in 2003 as "one of the most important and influential labels for electronic music in the last decade ." John S called editions mego 2009 Rock-A- Rolla the " most vital Label experimental electronic and digital music of today ."