Mensch Markus

  • Markus Maria Profitlich
  • Ingrid Einfeldt (from season 1)
  • Jana Kozewa ( Season 4 )
  • Oliver Dupont
  • Thomas Hackenberg (from season 1)
  • Philipp Schepmann (from season 1)
  • Roland Riebe Ling (from season 3)
  • Gabrielle Odinis (from season 3)
  • Volker Büdts (from season 3)
  • Horst D. Scheel (from season 1)
  • Tom Lehel (from season 1)
  • Christiane Zeiske (from season 1)
  • Robert Schupp
  • Dietmar Heddram
  • Bernd Stephan ( Season 1 )
  • Dorcas Pine ( Season 1 )
  • Margie Kinsky ( Season 1 )
  • Many guest appearances

Mensch Markus is a 80 -part comedy show with Markus Maria Profitlich, which was produced from 2002 to 2007 for Sat.1. The concept is modeled on the British sketch show Hale & Pace.

The course of the show always follows a certain pattern: First, Mark Mary Profitlich enters the stage, welcomed the audience and makes a joke that thematically relates to the broadcast before the opening credits first sketch, then follow some previously turned skits. During and at the end of the consignment individual skits will be presented live on stage again.

Some formats of the consignment as " Hotte and Lusches ", " Sven Dudek ", " Art and clutter ," " Our dog ", " He and She " and " Cooking with Henri ." Furthermore, repeated plays Profitlich a waiter who shows up with an oversized pepper mill in the most inappropriate situations, and with another performer two strangely dressed people, some things are simply the (Da is still one ). At the end of the show a few outtakes of each sequence are shown.

In later episodes came a return of the Erklärbär, which has already been shown from 1999-2001 in the week show. But there was one difference: The friend of Erklärbärs is no longer Jürgen, but Nele.


  • By 2007, more than 1,500 clips were filmed for 80 episodes.
  • Markus Maria Profitlich is married to his stage partner Ingrid Einfeldt.
  • Director of the program is Matthias Kitter.


  • German Comedy Award 2002 - "Best Comedian " to Markus Maria Profitlich for his performance in the series
  • 2004 - "Best Sketch Show"
  • 2006 - " Best Sketch Comedy"