Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The C-Class is the name given to the smallest notchback sedan from Mercedes -Benz. It was registered under the registration number 000113985 for Daimler AG brand in the European register. For the design of the C-Class include sedan, station wagon and sports coupe and a coupe.

Body shapes

Currently, the C-Class is available in the following body shapes:

  • Sedan: W 205
  • Combi (Estate ): S 204
  • Coupe: C 204

Model history

As a predecessor of the C-Class 1982 Mercedes 190 (internal designation W 201 ) was introduced as a then smallest Mercedes cars. He expanded the passenger car model range down that had existed until then mainly from the middle-class Mercedes Type 123 series ( forerunner of today's E-Class ) and the S-Class 126 series. 1993 W 201 from the first C-Class ( 202 series ) was replaced. This was followed in 2000, the second C-Class series 203

On 31 March 2007, the current C-Class appeared ( 204 series ). In September 2007, the Model T was followed. Between May 2008 and February 2011, there were based on the previous model CL 203, a new Coupé, which has been referred to as CLC-Class. Expected in March 2014, the next C -Class W 205 is delivered.

For several years there has been below the C-Class and the A- and B-Class. The C-Class is no longer the smallest Mercedes- series, but now the smallest rear-wheel driven in series.

The current C-Class 204 series is the first time with two " faces " available: While the Mercedes star is located in the equipment lines Classic and Elegance as usual on the hood, wearing the sporty stressed avant-garde line of the star as the first Mercedes sedan in the radiator grille. So far, only wore the roadster and coupe models the star in the grill.

While the sedan in the 204 series in the works Sindelfingen, Pune (India) and East London (South Africa) is made, the combination will be built exclusively in Bremen and shipped from there to its customers throughout the world.

Since June 2011, in addition a two-door coupe, which is produced exclusively in the Bremen factory offered.

The series at a glance

S 202, C- Class Estate, 1996-2001

W 203, C-Class, 2000-2007

S 203, C- Class Estate, 2001-2007

CL 203, C- Class Sports Coupe, 2000-2008

W 204, C-Class, since 2007

S 204, C- Class Estate, since 2007

CL 203, CLC-Class, 2008-2011

C 204, C- Class coupe, since 2011

W 205, C-Class, since 2014


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