Mercedes-Benz SK

SK with medium- long cab

SK- II 1824

The Mercedes -Benz SK was a heavy truck series manufacturer Daimler -Benz. The abbreviation SK stood for " severity class ", in analogy, the light truck series, which was previously called the internal LN2, now referred to as LK for lightweight class. The truck models of the Mercedes- SK series were produced from 1989 to 1998 and were then by the successor, the Mercedes -Benz Actros, replaced, which was offered in parallel since 1996.

The series was created from a revision of the New Generation 1989., The vehicles were now on referred to as SK ( Heavy class). The cab differed from the new generation only slightly: the radiator grille and side skirting, optically connected to each other and the bottom edges of the window frames in the doors fell off towards the front. This feature was introduced in 1977 at T 1 and at the 1984 LK types and has now been applied all truck and van types of Mercedes -Benz.

In 1994, the SK models, which apart from the engines is essentially still based on the NG design from 1973, again spiced up a bit ( slightly modified front design ). The last time so modified cab was called because of the very visually dominant lateral wind deflector also known as " deflector cab ".

SK, 1994-1998

SK as sports equipment