Mercedes-Benz W191

The Mercedes -Benz 170 S was an evolution of the model 170 V, in 1949, initially under the model number W 136 IV, appeared.

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Model 170 S

The Mercedes -Benz 170 S was 170 mm long, 104 mm wide and better equipped than the 170 V. In place of the 1697 cc engine with 38 hp (28 kW ), he had an enlarged four-cylinder engine with 1767 cc and a power of 52 PS (38 kW), which allowed him a top speed of 120 km / hr. The front axle was suspended by coil springs and double wishbones, transverse leaf spring as opposed to the 170 V.

So was this model that was available as a sedan, a convertible A and B as a convertible, the first with "S" designated vehicle version of Mercedes -Benz; it has often been used as a management coach. (Note: The term S-Class came later. )

Data Sheet 170 S

Model 170 Sb

1952 sparked the Mercedes -Benz 170 Sb from the model 170 S. The internal designation W 191 was now the two convertible models were omitted since these body styles now in the series of the Mercedes 220 ( W 187 ) were integrated. Thus, the sedan was available for order only. The funds circuit had given a fashionable column shift, there was a starter button on the dashboard, the camshaft was driven by a chain and the effect of heating was improved.

Data Sheet 170 Sb

Model 170 DS

At the same time the gasoline model, the corresponding diesel model Mercedes -Benz 170 DS with the internal number W 191 D was put to one side. It was the engine of the model 170 D with 1767 cc and 40 hp (29 kW OM 636). The performance remained at the same level (100 km / h) as that of the smaller car.

Data Sheet DS 170

Models 170 S and 170 S - V -D

With the advent of the new Mercedes 180 Pontoon in 1953 was offered the now outdated appearing S models at significantly cheaper. To this end, we sat on the voluminous bodies of S on the chassis of the models 170 V and 170 D. The engine of the gasoline lost a 7 hp and only allowed a maximum speed of 116 km / h The new models Mercedes -Benz 170 SV and Mercedes -Benz 170 SD were called internally again W 136 VIII, 136 VIII and W D. Better -off prospective buyers anyway waving to the already since 1951 available on the 220. The W 191 series was set in 1955 with no successor.

Data Sheet 170 S-V/S-D

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