Mercedes-Benz Zetros

Zetros truck is a series of the Mercedes-Benz brand of Daimler AG, which is mainly designed for the serious off-road use. First presentation was at the Paris Military Exhibition Eurosatory 2008 and the International Motor Show 2008. The test vehicle was S2000 and has been tested by the German Federal Armed Forces, from 2012, the Bundeswehr will procure a total of 110 vehicles and 12 of them stationed in Afghanistan from 2013.


The conception as bonneted leads to very good handling in the field and in a low vehicle height. The engine is quickly accessible for maintenance without tilting the cab. The Zetros is a Langhauber and available exclusively with permanent all-wheel drive. Wading depth is 800 mm, optional 1190 mm are possible.


The Zetros is delivered with the OM 926 LA six-cylinder diesel engine with 7.2 liter displacement and 240 kW (326 hp). There are engines with emission limits according to Euro 3 and Euro 5 available. The drive train has permanent four-wheel drive and a transfer case with off-road ratio 1:1,69. The Zetros is built standard with a 9-speed manual transmission. Optional but he is also manufactured with a fully automatic transmission the brand Allison. On a military exhibition in Paris Zetros was issued in 2743, which delivers 430 hp.

Landing gear

The vehicle is mounted on a lead frame, permits the high Verwindungsanteile. Single tires with spring - damper tuning for off -road use.

  • Zetros 1833 (4 × 4). The Zetros 1833, two axles with 4,800 mm wheelbase and a permissible gross weight of 16.5 t and 18 t.
  • Zetros 2733 (6 × 6). The Zetros 2733 has three axles with 4,750 mm 1,450 mm wheelbase and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 25 t and 27 t.

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