The LAPV Raccoon dog (of English. "Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle" ) is a protected military vehicle, which belongs to the newly developed LAPV - generation vehicles lighter, protected patrol vehicles. In the army it carries the generic name " Raccoon dog ", another name for the raccoon dog. It is an evolution of the wolf in the Special protective equipment ( short SSA).

Range of applications

In the development of the Raccoon dog many years of operational experience with the Mercedes -Benz G- Model Wolf (type BR 461 ) in different versions of the Bundeswehr missions abroad flowed. This resulted in, among other things, the design of the vehicle with a raised suspension and a large suspension travel. The vehicle has on the basis of the rough road good characteristics and is suitable for use under difficult conditions. Since June 2010, takes place in the driver training center in Burg driver training for the Raccoon dog.

Development and protection

The LAPV Raccoon dog is compared to the previous Wolf SSA equipped with an all-steel passenger compartment and provides protection after the NATO standard STANAG 4569 Level 2 against armor piercing ammunition. The armor has a ballistic round protection against armor piercing assault rifle ammunition up to 7.62 × 39 mm and a mine protection class 2a (explosion under wheel) against anti-tank mines with an explosive force of 6 kg.

The protection was examined by the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement and the user, the Bundeswehr, at the WTD 91 and meets the requirements of the Armed Forces from the project protected Command and Function Vehicles ( short GFF ) Class 1

As the wolf is also the Raccoon dog with the CH-53G helicopter air- transportable.


All vehicles participating in the competition for the project GFF Class 1 ( Gavial, Mungo 3, Ferrets and Raccoon dog ) have been rejected by the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement in 2008 as insufficient. Nevertheless, it was ordered by the Bundeswehr in the same year, as part of an employment-related immediate needs, a small number of Enok offered by Mercedes -Benz. End of 2010, the election of the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement finally fell to the Raccoon dog and a first batch of 45 vehicles were ordered for delivery by the end of 2010, and planned another procurement for 2011 and 2012.