AMZ Dzik

The Dzik (Polish for wild boar) is an armored all-terrain vehicle with all-wheel drive (4 × 4) of the Polish AMZ Kutno manufacturer. At present, the off-road vehicle from Poland and Iraq is being used.


The 4.5 -ton armored multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle produced by the manufacturer AMZ Kutno Poland since 2004. The vehicle was developed for patrol and combat missions. In addition, the Dzik can be used in police forces. The armor protects the occupants of Dzik effective against projectiles of caliber 7.62 mm. The vehicle is powered by an Iveco engine with a displacement of 2797 cc, which makes 107 kW and an operating range of about 800 kilometers.

In March 2006 the Iraqi military police received four Dzik -III of the Polish Army as part of a modernization campaign. In response, the Iraqi army decided to order a total of 600 Dzik - III, which are considered less expensive alternative to competitors Humvee. There is also the option to extend the contract volume in 1000.


  • Dzik -AT
  • Dzik - II
  • Dzik - III
  • Dzik Cargo