GAZ Vodnik

The modernized version GAZ- 39371 Wodnik

1 x 7.62 - mm machine gun

The GAZ- 3937 Wodnik (Russian ГАЗ - 3937 Водник ) is a modern two-axle amphibious multipurpose SUV (4 × 4) of the Russian automobile manufacturer Gorkowski Awtomobilny Zavod. It is based on the GAZ- 2975 Tigr SUV.

The light armored vehicle protects the occupants from small arms fire and shell splinters. The armament consists of a heavy 14.5 mm machine gun KPWT and a 7.62 mm PK machine gun.

The range of the GAZ- 3937 is for paved paths according to the manufacturer's instructions 1000 km.