AMX - 10 RC of the 1er Régiment de Spahis

1 x 12.7 -mm anti-aircraft gun ( superstructure )

When AMX -10 RC ( Ateliers d' Issy les Moulineaux de classe 10 tonnes, à agricole et Canon ) is a medium -wheel-drive, amphibious French scout car which was produced by defense contractor Giat.

The AMX -10 RC is the six-wheeled and comparatively heavily armed ( 105-mm-L/48-Kanone ) version of the AMX -10P IFV. Finally have both cars on the same assemblies, but have completely different tasks on the battlefield. The AMX - 10 RC is used due to its heavier armor and armament mainly for reconnaissance missions. With its 105- mm gun, the vehicle can also be used as tank hunters.


Initial developments on AMX - 10RC project began in 1970. Serial production finally began in 1976., In the French army, the vehicle is used for example in 1er régiment étranger de cavalerie the Foreign Legion. In order to ensure the intended use period 2015-2020, the scout car has now been modernized several times and combat performance increased.

The AMX - 10RC proven in various combat missions, it was in Chad (1983 /84), Iraq ( Operation Desert Storm, 1991), Kosovo, Afghanistan, and since 2012 in Mali Konfilkt used.

108 vehicles used by Morocco and 12 vehicles of Qatar.

Were still in the year 2010 256 vehicles in France in use.

The vehicles in France have undergone combat efficiency and lead now called " AMX 10RCR " (the second R stands for revalorisés - German, appreciation '). They are to be replaced in 2020 by the " blind Engin de reconnaissance et de combat " ( EBRC ).