Cadillac Gage Commando

Cadillac Gage V- 100XM 706E2 " Commando "

The M706 is an American four- scout car.

It was originally developed for the export of the M706 Commando Cadillac Cage. As in 1964, the first vehicles were produced in series, the war in Vietnam was in full swing. The U.S. Army was looking for a suitable as spyware and escort vehicle vehicle. The M706 proved to be in this area of ​​responsibility. Main tasks were the protection of convoys, the deposition of riots and fighting ambushes. Most of these vehicles were used by the South Vietnamese army.

The M706 is amphibious. In water, the drive over the wheels done.

The upgraded version of V -200 was sold to Singapore. Since the early 1970s, the M706 is replaced by the V -150 and V- 300.

Guatemala built due to a U.S. military embargo on the basis of the V -150 own version called Armadillo. The chassis was from civilian trucks.