Mercedes-Benz Cito

The Mercedes -Benz Cito O520 is a low-floor midi bus, which was produced from 1999 to 2003 of EvoBus.

In the development of the vehicle at a later conversion to fuel cell drive should just be possible, which is why he was fitted with an unusual for buses diesel-electric drive with 85 kW nominal power. In order to have the necessary maneuverability in smaller roads, it was built narrower than conventional city buses with 2.35 m width. In addition, the rear overhang was (the part of the cantilevered " overhang " behind the rearmost axle of the bus ) very shortly. The target direction was approximately the Metroliner Neoplan from the year 1988.

The Cito was available in the following three different lengths:

  • 8,1 m with 12 seats
  • 8,9 m with 16 seats
  • 9,6 m with 20 seats

The production of Cito was set in 2003. In the industry, the high maintenance expenses are criticized despite the theoretical advantages. EvoBus has not brought any further development in the direction of hybrid drive on the market, although this would have been easily possible with Cito, as only more control and energy storage would have to be retrofitted.

The place of minibuses up to 20 seats to take in the range of Mercedes -Benz today bus bodies on the basis of a sprinter. Introduced in 2006 Midibus Citaro K comes with a length of 10.5 m, the standard width of 2.55 m and 27 seats only partially as the successor of Cito into consideration.