Mercedes F1 W03

Michael Schumacher at the Malaysian Grand Prix

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The Mercedes F1 W03 is the fourth Formula 1 racing car from Mercedes. He was inducted into the 2012 Formula 1 season, was an engine supplier Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains. On 21 February 2012, he was presented at the Circuit de Catalunya to the public.

Technology and Development

The Mercedes F1 W03 was the successor to the Mercedes MGP W02. Already in May 2011 began with the development of a specially reinforced engineering team. The vehicle consisted of 4,500 components - 200 more than the W02 - and proved to factory specifications but a lower " core weight " on. Compared to its predecessor, the car " bumps " had in the front suspension, the wheelbase has been increased, the slender side boxes were pulled inward and the upper knuckle of the rear suspension jutted far forward. Regulations Due in part to the exhaust pipes have been modified. They closed almost flush with the engine cover. The Mercedes F1 W03 was built under the supervision of the Technical Director Bob Bell. Loïc Bigois was the chief designer. Aldo Costa was responsible for the mechanical components and Geoff Willis aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics.

The transmission was a proprietary design, the engine, a 2.4 liter V8 engine and the KERS came from Mercedes AMG HPP. The tires were provided as with all other teams by Pirelli.

The car had a so-called " passive F-duct " in which by pressing the DRS button, a channel was opened on the steering wheel, which reduced the air resistance of the vehicle and thus allows greater speed. Before the season opener, the Australian Grand Prix, the system was explained in the technical acceptance by the stewards as legal. The teams of Red Bull and Lotus announced protest against the classification, because they did not keep the system for regulatory -compliant. Both Lotus and Red Bull for abandoning the race at a protest against the race result, which did not reach a Mercedes points. Instead, put Lotus only before the Chinese Grand Prix formal protest against the decision of a race stewards to classify the system for this race as legal. After a hearing at which the race stewards and Jo Bauer, technical Delgierter the FIA ​​at the races, justified the decision to Lotus refrained from the International Court of Appeal of the FIA ​​, the final arbiter in matters of rule interpretation, turn.

Paint and sponsorship

The Mercedes F1 W03 was mostly painted silver. The side boxes and parts of the front and rear wing were painted cyan because the main sponsor Petronas. In addition to the share Eigenern Daimler AG ( starring the Mercedes -Benz) and Aabar Investments were Allianz, German Post, Isofotón, MIG Bank, Monster Energy, Pirelli, Puma, Standox and Thomas Sabo sponsors of the team.


The team held on to the driver pairing Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg.

Season 2012

At the Grand Prix of China won with Rosberg for the first time since 1955, a Mercedes driver a Formula 1 race.