Red Bull RB8

Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull RB8 during testing before the season in Jerez

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The Red Bull RB8 is the eighth Formula 1 racing car of Red Bull Racing. It was used in the 2012 Formula 1 season, an engine supplier Renault was like in the previous year. On February 6, 2012, he was presented to the team site. This race car Sebastian Vettel defended his world title, as well as Red Bull the constructors' championship.

Technology and Development

The Red Bull RB8 was the successor to the Red Bull RB7. It was the third evolutionary stage of the Red Bull RB5, building on all Red Bull models until 2013. An unusual event of the car was the " hump " in the area of ​​the front suspension but a small slit had. The vehicle was built, like its predecessors, under the direction of Adrian Newey.

The transmission was a Red Bull own construction, fuel and lubricants supplied total. The engine type RS27 - 2012 was 750 bhp and comes from Renault. The tires made ​​ready as with all other teams Pirelli.

Paint and sponsorship

The basic color of Red Bull RB8 was dark blue. The vehicle is large sponsor stickers of Red Bull were placed: on the bonnet and the front wings, the Red Bull logo on the sidepods of the Red Bull logo. Other sponsors on the vehicle were Infiniti, smoke, Renault and Total.

At the Grand Prix of Great Britain Red Bull had let muster on the RB8 for the action Faces for Charity a special paint. As in the year 2007, the Grand Prix of Great Britain, all photos of the donor individuals were distributed throughout the vehicle. With this action, Red Bull supported the Foundation for Spinal Cord Research Wings for Life.


The team held the 2012 season on the driver duo Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber fixed. Test and reserve driver was Sebastien Buemi.


Whereabouts after the season

A copy of the RB8 is at Hangar- 7, a multi -purpose building at Salzburg Airport, issued.