Red Bull RB7

Sebastian Vettel wins the Malaysian Grand Prix

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The Red Bull RB7 is the seventh Formula 1 racing car of Red Bull have designed the Adrian Newey car has participated in all 19 races of the Formula 1 2011 season. Rob White Renault developed the V8 RS27 - 2011 with KERS. The first Grand Prix Red Bull waived, however, on the use of KERS in the RB7.


The team held the 2011 season on the driver duo Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber fixed. Test and reserve driver Daniel Ricciardo and Jean- were Éric Vergne.

Season 2011

The season start was good for Red Bull, in the first eight races Sebastian Vettel won six times and was second twice. His teammate Webber won while four podium finishes. The hottest track were the two McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

After three winless races where the McLaren drivers were able to shorten the point gap, followed by three more wins from Vettel. In the next race Vettel before the season ends succeeded with a third place already four races thus the defense of his world title.

At the following Grand Prix of Korea Vettel won again, Webber took third place. This Red Bull also managed the early defense of the constructor's title.

In the last three races each Vettel and Webber won once. The victory in the last race was the first Grand Prix victory of the season for Webber.

Overall, Vettel and Webber won 12 Grand Prix and started in 18 of 19 races from pole position. Mark Webber also won the DHL Fastest Lap Award with six fastest laps.


Whereabouts after the season

A copy of the RB7 is at Hangar- 7, a multi -purpose building at Salzburg Airport, issued.