Mercedes-Benz Vario

Mercedes- Benz Vario 815D

The Mercedes -Benz Vario is the successor to the Mercedes -Benz T2. It was built from 1996 to 2013 in the work of Ludwig field. The outward differences to its predecessor are quite low - Headlight, turn signal and grille have been redesigned, but also the interior has been revised. As motors, there was the five-cylinder diesel engine OM 602 with a displacement of 2.9 l and the four-cylinder diesel engine OM 904 with a displacement of 4.3 L. The OM 904 was in variants of 95 kW to 130 kW (129 hp to 177 hp).

The Vario was also held with total weights of 3.49 t to 8.2 t. The model designations are as follows: 512 D, 612 D, 613 D, 614 D, 615 D, 616 D, 618 D, 812 D, 813 D, 814 D, 814 DA, 815 D, 815 DA, 816 D and 818 D ( first the number for the approximate total weight in tons, second and third digits for tenth the approximate horsepower, "D " stands for diesel and "A" for wheel ).


As of July 2012

Future of the vehicle

Due to high adaptation cost of the vehicle to comply with the future Euro 6 standard, and the implementation of an adjusted ESP control Mercedes -Benz has set the distribution to the model year 2014 and production on 27 September 2013. In addition, the manufacturer calls the declining sales of the series as the reason. As the successor to the heavy variants of the Mercedes -Benz Sprinter and the models of the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter series are then considered.

Vario - ambulance

Vario as Linienomnibus

Vario 512 D as a baby - emergency ambulance

UPS- out positioner P1000 on Vario - base