Mercure Hotels

Mercure is an international brand of the French hotel chain Accor. The houses are located in the three- to four- star category and positioned within the group between Ibis and Novotel. As of January 1, 2011 include 690 hotels to Mercure. 2012 There are already 750 houses worldwide, of which (as of Dec. 2012) 112 in Germany.


Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson found 1967 SEE ( Société d' Investissement et d'Exploitation Hôteliers ). The first Mercure hotel created in 1973 in Saint-Witz, France. Mercure in 1975, taken over by Novotel SEE, later Accor Group. 1978 among 32 hotels Mercure. In Germany the first hotel in Korntal is signed in 1983; the first hotels in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands emerge.

The hundredth hotel is opened in Brussels in 1989. In Brazil, the first Parthenon Hotel Residence opening.

Mercure grow in 1991/92 by the merger with the hotel chains Pullman and Altea. In Germany, the hotel chain is extended by four to 18 houses. 1992 closed leases in the new federal states of the former Inter hotels in Potsdam, Dresden and Chemnitz. In Germany there are now 21 Mercure hotels. In Hungary Accor acquires 1993 participation in the Pannonia hotel chain with 24 hotels. The group expanded to Poland, Asia, Turkey and Africa. 1994 open hotels in the Caribbean, Guyana and La Reunion. Established in 1995 is located in Spain and Sweden, is active in Egypt, Oman and Dubai and will open a hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Offenburg, Weimar, San Sebastian and Bari found new hotels since 1996, the group expanded to Israel, Croatia and Malta.

In Estonia, Togo, Madagascar, and in Colombia in 1997 he produced his first hotel. In Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon, the leisure market will be expanded. In France, Accor acquires 33 Frantour hotels. In London, one is represented. In 1998, the Dutch hotel chain Postiljon purchased with ten hotels.

148 hotels are incorporated into the network in 1999, including 42 Libertel hotels, 27 hotels in Germany and just 27 in Australia. In Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen open new hotels.

Mercure celebrated in 2003 thirty year anniversary. Now also includes hotels in Switzerland, Japan and Qatar to the group.

Location and facilities

Mercure hotels are usually in the downtown area or near railway stations or airports. The houses often have its own restaurant serving local and international cuisine, typical is an extensive wine list ( Grands Vins Mercure). Also a hotel bar in most homes is available.

The peculiarity of the Mercure brand is that the hotel vary depending on the city, the country and region in particular also in the type of rooms. This ranges from classical to modern decorating style that gives this brand a certain individualism. The services and quality, however, are standardized in all Mercure hotels around the world, the decor of the room corresponding to the upper middle class.