Merneferre Ay

Aja (I.) (actually Meri - nefer - re) was an ancient Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 13th dynasty ( Second Intermediate Period ), who reigned about 1700 BC, or from about 1669 to around 1656 BC. The exact pronunciation of the name is unknown, is also possible that the proper name of this king " Eje " was pronounced; this form of the name is the usual for an Egyptian king of the 18th dynasty with the same hieroglyphic writing, which is why both kings are distinguished by corresponding atomic numbers. In German-speaking countries, however, the reading " Aja " has established itself for the king of the 13th dynasty, so that a distinction by ordinal numbers ( Aja I. / Eje II ) is not mandatory.


Aja was a ruler of the 13th dynasty, who allegedly ruled by the Turin Royal Canon 13 years, 8 months and 28 days. The ruler is from the Pyramidion his pyramid and some less important objects, such as numerous seals, obsidian vases and a Torbruchstück in Karnak ago known. He is regarded as the last ruler of the 13th Dynasty, as he left behind monuments in the north and in the south of the country. According to him, the country seems to be divided into several parts and the actual Second Intermediate Period begins. The small number of its monuments in comparison to his reign suggests a crisis- rich era. There are few private monuments that can be dated to this time.

The Pyramid of Aja I.

Near the place Fâqûs in the eastern Nile Delta was discovered a Pyramidion in 1911, the Aja I. can be attributed. It is 85 inches high, at the base 83 inches wide and is made of black granite. However, no structure could be detected near the find site, which could have served as a building site of a pyramid.