Skull of Sinraptor hepingensis

  • China

The Sinraptoridae are a group of carnivorous, theropod dinosaurs that all of the low and middle part of the Upper Jurassic ( Oxfordian and ( Kimmeridgian ) are known. Among the Sinraptoridae include all taxa that are more closely related dongi with Sinraptor than with Allosaurus fragilis or Carcharodontosaurus saharicus. Sinraptoridae the are the most primitive Allosauroidea. They differ in several features of the skull anatomy of their closest relatives, the Allosauridae.

There are only two kinds, and Sinraptor Yangchuanosaurus, with two types. The two genera differ only in the proportions of the skull of Yangchuanosaurus is shorter than that of Sinraptor. All fossils, except for the fragment of a maxilla from England, whose membership is controversial, have been found in China. It may be that the East China was separated from Laurasia in the Late Jurassic, resulting in an endemic fauna to develop.