Michael Talbot (musicologist)

Michael Owen Talbot ( born January 4, 1943 in Luton ) is a British musicologist and composer.


Already during his school days in Welwyn Garden City Talbot was a fellow of London's Royal Academy of Music. From 1960, he studied at London's Royal College of Music in piano, organ, music theory and composition; In 1961 he transferred to Clare College, Cambridge, where he graduated in 1965 1964 Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts in 1969. In 1968 he received his doctorate with a dissertation on the instrumental music Tomaso Albinoni to the Ph.D. Then he taught until 2002/2003 Musicology at the University of Liverpool: 1968-69 as an Assistant Lecturer, 1969-79 as a lecturer, 1979-83 as a Senior Lecturer, Reader and 1983-86 as 1986-2002/3 as Alsop Professor.

Talbot is a member of the Royal Musical Association and Società Italiana di Musicologia. In 1990 he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy. He is married and has two children.


Talbot is an internationally recognized expert on Italian baroque music. His monographs on Antonio Vivaldi and Tomaso Albinoni regarded as standard works; but also forgotten composers such as Benedetto Vinaccesi and Antonio Montanari, he devoted his attention. Talbot is associate editor of the journals Music and Letters and study Vivaldiani and edited many forgotten works according to the guidelines of historical performance practice.

For his scientific achievements, he was in 1980 awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic ( Cavaliere ), 1989 with the CB Oldman Prize of the International Association of Music Libraries and Serena 1999 with the Medal of the British Academy.


Since 2005, Talbot also actuates itself as a composer historicizing works, where he picks up elements from the time of Buxtehude and Corelli up to the time Galuppi and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. He is a member of the neo-baroque composers association Vox Saeculorum.


  • Vivaldi (London, 1978, revised 1984 and 1993. ); dt Antonio Vivaldi: The Venetian and Baroque Europe. Life and Work (Stuttgart, 1985, Frankfurt am Main 1998)
  • Vivaldi (London 1979)
  • Albinoni. Life and Work ( Knives / CH 1980)
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  • The Chamber Cantatas of Antonio Vivaldi ( Woodbridge 2006)
  • Vivaldi and Fugue (Florence 2009)
  • The Vivaldi Compendium ( Woodbridge 2011)

Compositions (selection )

  • 4 concertos for solo harpsichord, Op 3
  • 6 Quartets for various instruments and basso continuo, Op 6
  • 6 Concerti in the style of the 18th century for Strings and Basso continuo, Op 7
  • Ardua Fuga for solo bassoon, Op 9
  • 6 Sonatas for Recorder and Harpsichord, Op 12
  • 6 Sonatas for Recorder and Harpsichord, Op 21
  • 3 Concerti for 5 Sopranblockflöten op 22