Milange District

Milange is a district of Zambezia Province in Mozambique. The capital is the town of the same name Milange. The district is bordered to the north by the district Mecanhelas ( Niassa ), on the west by Malawi, on the south by the district Morrumbala, in the southeast of the district Mocuba, on the east by the districts Lugela and Namarroi and on the northeast by the district Gurué.

In the 2007 census the district Milange 498,635 people lived in an area of ​​9794 km ².

The district is further divided into four administrativo Posto ( administrative posts ).

  • Dachudua
  • Majaua
  • Zalimoba
  • Chitambo
  • Liciro
  • Milange
  • Tengua
  • Vulalo
  • Capitão Mor - Muhalo
  • Corromana
  • Dualo - Nangoma
  • Molumbo
  • Dulanha
  • Mongue
  • Sabelua