Mimi Kodheli

Mimi Kodheli ( born September 11, 1964 in Tirana) is an Albanian politician (PS). Since 2013, it is defense minister in the Cabinet under Prime Minister Edi Rama. She is the first woman to hold this office.


Kodheli graduated in 1986 her studies in finance at the University of Tirana, before she gained a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in the United States in 2000. In 2007 she wrote her dissertation in economics at the Universities of Verona (Italy) and Tirana.

Political career

Kodheli began her political career in 2002 when she became the deputy mayor of Tirana, Edi Rama. In 2005, she was long for a year Prefect of Tirana Qarks. In 2007 she was elected to the board of the Socialist Party. In the parliamentary elections of 2009 Kodheli ran as the Socialist Party candidate. She was successful and was able to move into Kuvendi i Shqipërisë and was deputy during the entire term of President of the Commission of Economy and Finance.

In the parliamentary elections of June 23, 2013 Kodheli was re-elected as Members of the Qarks Lezha and on 31 July it was announced that they will lead the next government cabinet under the party leader of the Socialists, Edi Rama, the Department of Defense. On September 15, she was sworn in before the President Bujar Nishani and the next day she began her work as defense minister. She follows Arben Imami (PD ) in office.


Mimi Kodheli is married to Leka Kodheli. The two have a son, Mikel (* 1989).

Kodheli speaks fluent English and Italian, and has French and Spanish language skills.