Minor League

The Minor Leagues are unterklassige leagues, mainly in U.S. sports, which consist mostly of teams, where young players can gain match practice experience and senior players after injuries.

The most comprehensive and best-known minor league system exists in the North American Baseball - The Minor League Baseball contains individual leagues that play each on a level. One AAA league plays at the highest, an A- League at the lowest level. Other names such as B, C, D existed in the first half of the 20th century, through the rise of television and the concomitant greater popularity of the Major Leagues, these leagues could not get financially. 2007, there are three AAA leagues, the International League, the Liga Mexicana de Béisbol and the Pacific Coast League.

In the North American ice hockey is the most famous minor league, the American Hockey League ( AHL ), other leagues are the ECHL, Central Hockey League ( CHL), Federal Hockey League ( FHL ), Ligue Nord - Americaine de Hockey ( LNAH ) and Southern Professional Hockey League ( SPHL ). The NBA Development League also operates a - the NBA Development League. For many years, the Continental Basketball Association has worked as a training league for the NBA, although between the two leagues (or their teams ) are not as close links exist, as in hockey or baseball.