Misaki Ito

Misaki Itō (Japanese伊 东 美 咲, Ito Misaki, born May 26, 1977 in Iwaki, Fukushima ) is a Japanese actress. Your real name is Tomoko Anzai (安 斉 智子, Anzai Tomoko ).


Itō appeared in her high school time in various magazines as an amateur model. 1999, while studying at the Osaka Chiyoda -Speed ​​University in Kawachinagano, she signed a contract with the fashion magazine CanCam touting the beer brand Asahi.

Her first role as an actress she played in 2000 in two episodes of the television drama Rabu Chatto. From October to December 2000, she was in a major role in the television series Love Complex in front of the camera in which played along inter alia, Toshiaki Karasawa and Takashi Sorimachi. It was followed by many advertising contracts and some roles in television productions. A major role she took over, for example, in the television adaptation of the manga series You're Under Arrest! .

Particularly successful in their presentation was broadcast in 2005, based on a true story Densha Otoko TV series in which she as the swarm of Otakus (played by Atsushi Ito ) acted. After this role, which was the breakthrough for her, went on to star in several other television dramas. For Densha Otoko and Kikenna Aneki she received the 2006 Hoso - prize in the category Drama At the Awards 43 Golden Arrow Awards.

In films, she played with from 2002. Her first major films included the Fantasy Film Yomigaeri and horror film Ju -on: The Grudge. In Yoshimitsu Morita's Umineko melodramatic love story from 2004, she starred as the lead actress. For this role, in 2005 she was awarded a Japanese Academy Award for Best Young Actress.


TV series

  • 2000: Love Chat (らぶ·ちゃっと, Rabu Chatto )
  • 2000: Love Complex (ラブ コンプレックス)
  • 2001: Shin Omizu no Hanamichi (新·お水の花道)
  • 2001: Beauty 7 (ビューティ7)
  • 2001: Suiyōbi no Joji (水曜日 の 情事)
  • 2002: Gokusen (ごくせん)
  • 2002: Packed Joo (ランチの女王)
  • 2002: Taiho shichau zo (逮捕しちゃうぞ)
  • 2003: Tōkyō Love Cinema (東京 ラブ·シネマ)
  • 2003: Kunimitsu no Matsuri (クニミツの政)
  • 2004: Itoshi Kimie (愛し 君 へ)
  • 2004: Hotman 2 (ホット マン2)
  • 2005: Tiger & Dragon (タイガー&ドラゴン)
  • 2005: Densha Otoko (电车 男)
  • 2005: Kikenna Aneki (危険 な アネキ)
  • 2006: Suppli (サプリ)
  • 2007: Maison Ikkoku (めぞん一刻)


  • 2002: Moho -han (模仿 犯)
  • 2002: Yomigaeri (黄泉がえり)
  • 2003: Nine Souls (ナイン·ソウルズ)
  • 2003: Ju -on: The Grudge ( Ju -on呪 怨)
  • 2004: Umineko (海 猫)
  • 2005: Inu no Eiga (いぬのえいが)
  • 2005: About Love (アバウト·ラブ)
  • 2005: Tsuri baka nikki (釣りバカ日誌)
  • 2005: Densha Otoko (电车 男)
  • 2006: Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanoka -kan (椿山課長の七日間)