Mjölby is a place ( tätort ) in the Swedish province of Östergötland County and the historic province of Östergötland. The town is the capital of the municipality of the same name.

By Mjölby the river Svartån whose stages and cases have been previously used for energy flows. In the north, now leads the European Route 4 at the place over, which also has long been a railway junction, since the Södra stambanan is connected on the route from Stockholm to Copenhagen with a line to Örebro, Motala and Hallberg.

The place has taken the name of the parish, which is the first time in 1285 is as Mylluby. The name is derived from the Old Swedish words Mylna or mölna for mill and the suffix by for farm or village. Later, the prefix was then Mjöl and means flour. The river offers together with the fertile soil around a good location for a mill. Previously, there were many mills along the river, from the one today is still in operation. It is located right next to the train station. Historically documented is the donation of two mills in 1268 by Birger Jarl's half-brother Elof to the monastery Vreta.

2007 in Mjölby O- rings held a competition in orienteering.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Falconer, Metal Band
  • Johan Wilhelm Zetterstedt, naturalist

Villa Vik in Mjölby