Monashee Mountains


Winter landscape in the Monashee Mountains

The Monashee Mountains are a mountain range in British Columbia, Canada and Washington, United States (78 % of the area is used for Canada, the rest of 22 % in the United States). They extend 530 km from north to south and 150 km in the east-west direction and belong to the Columbia Mountains. In the West, the Selkirk Mountains close to. The mountain range is bounded on the east by the Columbia River and Arrow Lakes, west lie the upper North Thompson River, Shuswap Lake and Okanagan Lake. The northern end is the Robson Valley in Valemount. Between Revelstoke Shuswap Lake and the mountains of the Trans-Canada Highway and the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway through the Eagle Pass is crossed. At the southern end of the Monashee Mountains, there is an active mining industry.

Mountain ranges within the Monashee Mountains

  • Anstey Range
  • Christina Range
  • Gold Range
  • Jordan Range
  • Kettle River Range
  • Malton Range
  • Midway Range
  • Okanagan Highland Sawtooth Range

In some descriptions of the Monashee Mountains, known as the Okanagan Highland area is added. It lies between Kettle River and Okanagan Lake, south of the Shuswap River. The lying within this area small Sawtooth Range lies between the headwaters of the Shuswap River and Mabel Lake in the east to the west.

Partly also the Shuswap Highland south of the North Thompson River is counted, the south connects to the Okanagan Highland.

Mountain Peak

The highest peak of this mountain range are:

  • Mount Monashee 3274 m
  • Hallam Peak 3205 m
  • Thor Mountain 3146 m
  • Mount Odin 2971 m
  • Cranberry Mountain 2872 m
  • The Pinnacles 2607 m