Morgan City (Louisiana)

St. Martin Parish St. Mary Parish


Morgan City (formerly known as Brashear City ) is a city in St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes in Louisiana. According to United States Census 2010 12.404 people live in Morgan City.


Morgan City is located on the Atchafalaya River Schwemmbänken of. Morgan City was originally known as Tiger Iceland, as the U.S. Secretary of War John C. Calhoun saw a tiger in this area. Later it was called Brashear City, named after Walter Brashear, a prominent physicist from Kentucky bought which large tracts of land and numerous sugar mills acquired. In 1860 the city was entered as Brashear City and 1876 the city was renamed after Charles Morgan, a railway and steamship magnate who left the Atchafalaya Bay Ship Channel build.

In spring 1973, the Morganza Spillway was opened during a flood of the Mississippi River, after which parts were flooded by Morgan City.

On October 28, 1985 Hurricane Juan reached the area around Morgan City, then many parts of the city were Flooded. This turned then and only came back on Alabama down.

On August 26, 1992 Hurricane Andrew came 20 miles southwest down the city. Andrew was the Hurricane with the second highest loss in the history of the United States.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau is Mogan City to 97% of land and 3 % water. Morgan City is located on the border of St. Martin Parish St. Mary Parish and the. The greater part of the city lies in the St. Martin Parish.

Mississippi Flood 2011

The Mississippi River is currently in the highest flood since the Mississippi flood of 1927. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened on May 14, 2011, the first parts of the Morganza Spillway, a flood relief channel to the water level and river discharge at the Old River Control Structure and down the river to reduce. If the Old River Control Structure, or Morganza Spillway would fail, it could happen that the main stream of the Mississippi south shifts from Morgan City. Thus, the present main stream would degenerate into tributaries.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • René Hall (1903-1988), guitarist, arranger and songwriter